Ever wondered how much gasoline it takes you to walk a mile?

You get 44.1 miles per gallon of gas!

At rest over 24 hours, your body uses about 1,522 calories. Every hour of the day you use about 63 calories. It takes 3.4 times your resting calorie rate to walk at 3.1MPH; so, every hour you walk you use about 214 calories. Which means that for every mile you walk you use about 69 calories. For omnivores, it takes 10 calories of fossil fuel to create every calorie you eat. So to walk a mile you use 690 fossil fuel calories. There are 30,400 calories in a gallon of gas. So, your HumanMPG is 44.1.

Your MPG is better than the average car from 2016 which gets 24.7MPG; so it's probably better for the environment for you to walk.

With this calculator, we're ignoring the fossil fuel expenditure involved in making a car, refining fuel, and driving the car. For an average car including these total cost of ownership numbers means that cars use about 20% more fossil fuel per mile than you would otherwise estimate using miles per gallon:

The average car from 2016 gets 24.7 miles per gallon. 30,400calories / 24.7miles per gallon = 1231 calories per mile. Our numbers from above total 41 + 209 + 4.25 = 254 calories. That pushes the car's calories per mile to 1485 or about 21% greater.

The calculator uses a lot of assumptions about statistically average cars and people. Here are a few things that we should think about:

`"Gas Kcal"/((((((10*"Weight") + (6.25*"Height") - (5*"Age") + "Sex")/24)*"METS")/"Speed")*"Fossil Ratio")`

Gas KcalKcal per Gallon of Gas30,400
WeightYour Weight182
HeightYour Height5' 6"
AgeYour Age38
SexYour Sexfemale use -161; male use 5
METSMetabolic Equivalent3.37 (see lookup table)
SpeedYour Speed3.1
Fossil RatioFossil Fuel Ratioomnivores use 10; vegetarians use 5